Australian software engineer (personal site)

Samuel Walladge

About me

I'm a Christian, software developer, and computer science enthusiast. I am passionate about learning, programming, good software design, and sharing knowledge.

Currently I'm trading as a freelance software engineer. See my business site for more information about hiring my services.

Over the last few years, I've tutored at the NCSS Summer School (an amazing experience!) and the NCSS challenge online, built a commercial website for a client, and completed a Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours) at CDU.

Contact me

My email address and preferred communication point is samuel@swalladge.id.au. Please use PGP if security required. If my domain is misconfigured for some reason, please try emailing swalladge@fastmail.com instead.

Networks you can find me on:

You can download my public PGP key here. Fingerprint: 1732 CF7B FA3E FD14 DF2A 5C14 437A 4481 5AC1 0404